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Style Experience

The style callab

Watch out, I’m coming through *pushes everyone out of the way*, this little Birdy doesn’t do basic or boring, not in the vocab.

We’re thanking the style gods you feel the same way, if you can’t stand another half-arse version of modern contemporary or wannabe hotelier, we’ve got you covered. 

We’re introducing a style experience unlike any other and it’s a tad bit exclusive. Only our Birdy guys and gals get in.

A complimentary design experience

Our resident guru Ange our resident guru is an absolute gem and not only loves the Hamptons style with a mod twist, but all styles. She works with a broad client base and appreciates quirky, contemporary and everything in between. She will be a key member of our complimentary design service for Birdy clients in our gorge studio, a space which is oozing with inspo.

So if you love to layer, appreciate brushed brass hardware, barn doors and decorative tile work to name a few, then Birdy has the flair to get you there.

“We’re here to simply guide you through the design process, and all those little details” says Ange, “it’s important the client has their style uniquely reflected in their home”.