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We have friends in high places (look who’s name dropping) but seriously, Birdy is backed by Tribeca, an integrated property developer and builder who have built over 6,000 homes in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland (that’s like half of Australia). Anyway, what we’re trying to say here is, that this isn’t our first rodeo, and we got our process down pat, we love our people and our product is damn fine.

No drip pricing promise

It really gets our goat when our mates next door advertise low base prices but who are they fooling… just themselves lol. We care that you have everything you need to move into your new digs from day one.

If you want to get a bit more fancy, we also have optional upgrades available that won't cost the earth. I mean surely buying a house (your largest investment EVER!) is costly enough and we respect that!

Build time guarantee

We know you’ve heard the horror stories of build time blow outs, but you have nothing to worry about over here. With a refined process, Birdy offers clients a 22 week build time guarantee for single story homes and a 27 week guarantee for two story homes.

Count on us for realistic time frames, so you can plan your life. We all know that additional costs ain't cool, so we have removed those shi**y surprises completely - it's our true pricing policy.

* Terms & Conditions Apply

Your complimentary Style Experience

We’re introducing a style experience unlike any other and it’s a tad bit exclusive. Only our Birdy guys and gals get in. Whilst we work with some of the best in the Instagram world, our style experience is a true collab between client and designer.

Enjoy a complimentary design service with our style squad in our gorge Birdy studio, the coolest of spaces oozing with inspo and all of your ideas.

Experience Style & Simplicity

Value style and upfront pricing and information? Enjoy a style led experience and honest interactions with Birdy.